2015 UA Brand House Openings01-05-2015 UA CES Vegas S.GRITSAVAGE01-05-2015 UA SCS Awards Dinner K.PETROLE01-08-2015 UA ExComm Vegas S.GRITSAVAGE2-10-2015 UA NYC Record DIgital Day S.GRITSAVAGE2-12-2015 UA NYC Curry One K.OLGA02-23-2015 UA Basketball 2015 wr K.SEMELSBERGER02-25-2015 UA Edith's Retirement Party wr R.SHER03-02-2015 UA Golf Galaxy Ohio wr S.LIPP03-04-2015 Sagamore Hotel Ground Breaking Ceremony B.HARLANDER03-10-2015 UA Cupid's Cup Semi Finals wr K.BECKER03-16-2015 UA Spring Sports 2016 rooms wr K.SEMELSBERGER03-16-2015 UA Spring Sports 2016 turf kickoff wr K.SEMELSBERGER03-19-2015 UA 3-on-3 basketball tournament March 2015 K.PETROLE03-20-2015 UA DH Mike Stanovich's Retirement Party wr R.PICHON03-26-2015 UA events team portraits N.REDMOND04-2-2015 UA Coach Harbaugh talks wr K.OLGA04-13-2015 UA Jordan Spieth heads to NYC after Masters wr G.YARALIAN04-16-2015 UA DH Team Huddle wr R.PICHON04-17-2015 UA FW16 Creative Room wr C.STRUTHERS-KENNEDY04-20-2015 TB visits UA wr J.PEZZOLLA04-20-2015 UA Cascade and Joy New Construction wr S.KING04-22-2015 UA Class Reunion wr R.SHER04-22-2015 UA Cupid's Cup Finals wr K.BECKER04-23-2015 UA Next Camp  wr R.SHER04-29-2015 UA Michigan Room wr N.REDMOND04-29-2015 UA Updated campus photo across Harbor K.MCDERMOND05-03-2015 UA International Sales Kickoff wr K.SEMELSBERGER05-03-2015 UA Run Event wr J.GOBAO05-03-2015 UA Sales Week  Rooms wr K.SEMELSBERGER05-04-2015 UA Retail Sales Meeting Kickoff wr B.OTT05-05-2015 UA Armour Day 2015 R.SHER05-05-2015 UA Give Back Sales Week D.FIGIEL05-06-2015 UA Retail Sales I WILL AWARDS Dinner wr B.OTT05-06-2015 UA Run Events wr M.HUGHES05-14-2015 UA Hospitality Weekend 2015 A.LARKIN05-15-2015 UA Black Eyed Susan Day wr A.LARKIN05-15-2015 UA Jordan at Hospitality Weekend 2015 wr05-21-15 UA Sports Authority Dinner at Sagamore FR K.SEMELSBERGER05-29-2015 UA Pigtown Classic wr K.OLGA06-04-2015 UA Know Your Armour Night wr K.PETROLE06-16-2015 UA Sagamore BSN DInner wr K.SEMELSBERGER06-24-2015 UA Scheel's Overland Park KS wr S.LIPP06-25-2015 UA Global Supplier Summit wr K.PETROLE06-26-2015 UA DH Sagamore picnic wr K.SEMELSBERGER06-26-2015 UA The Armoury at Champs Columbia Mall S.LIPP07-2015 UA Whiteboards07-01-2015 UA Next Challenge at DSG wr J.MEYER07-11-2015 UA Summer League Sales wr K.SANTOS07-24-2015 UA DH Kickball Tournament wr R. PICHON07-28-2015 UA Connected Fitness Leadership Event Z. ABDILL07-28-2015 UA tennis location scout wr T.DAM07-29-2015 UA Connected Fitness Headshots N. THANH07-29-2015 UA Women's Team On-Site K.PETROLE07-30-2015 UA Andy Murray visits campus wr J.PEZZOLLA07-30-2015 UA workout with Keoni wr J.PEZZOLLA08-04-2015 UA Summer Interns Farewell Party wr K.SANTOS08-15-2015 UA SU16 Opening Session wr K. SEMELSBERGER08-17-2015 UA SU16 Rooms wr K.SEMELSBERGER08-27-2015 UA Town Hall wr R.SHER09-05-2015 UA Charles Street 12 miler run wr G.ANTON09-10-2015 UA John's Hopkins ground breaking ceremony for cancer center wr D.FIGIEL09-16-2015 UA Investor's Day N.REDMOND09-18-2015 UA DH new basketball court wr R.PICHON09-23-2015 UA Next visit campus wr J.MEYER09-24-2015 UA kids soccer shoot for Dick's book wr S.FLYNN09-29-2015 UA Connected Fitness at Ad Week NYC wr T.NGUYEN09-30-2015 UA Ali boxing press conference NYC D.DALY wr10-03-2015 UA DH Family Fun Day wr R.PICHON10-05-2015 UA Running GiveBack 33rd Street wr M.HUGHES10-06-2015 UA Team Sales Flag Football wr K.SEMELSBERGER10-07-2015 KP on Bloomberg wr E.LIMON10-07-2015 UA DH Huddle wr R.PICHON10-07-2015 UA Future Show 2015 K.BECKER10-07-2015 UA Team Sales wr K.SEMELSBERGER10-14-2015 UA Sports Authority Paramus NJ wr S.LIPP10-18-2015 UA Baltimore Marathon wr J.GOBAO10-20-2015 DSG Polaris Ohio wr S.LIPP10-21-2015 UA Denver Bass Pro wr S.LIPP10-22-2015 UA City Garage Pre-Open wr T.FRESHOUR10-27-2015 UA FW16 Opening Session wr K. SEMELSBERGER10-27-2015 UA FW16 Rooms wr K.SEMELSBERGER10-29-2015 UA Pittsburgh Golf Galaxy wr M.SNIPE10-30-2015 UA Creative Team Justice League wr K.OLGA11-02-2015 UA FA16 VIP Women's Dinner wr K.PETROLE11-03-2015 UA Fight Night Randall Field DC wr S.URLICH11-03-2015 UA North American FW16 Opening Session wr K.SEMELSBERGER11-05-2015 UA Fight Night S.ULLRICH11-05-2015 UA General Olsen speaks at North America Sales Meeting wr K.SEMELSBERGER11-10-2015 UA PGA Superstore Dallas M.SNIPE11-16-2015 UA FW17 Creative Tech Kickoff full res K.PETROLE11-16-2015 UA KP Pittsburgh office visit wr B.PEASE11-18-2015 UA 13th Floor Dinner wr K.SEMELSBERGER11-19-2015 UA DSG Walden - Buffalo NY wr M.SNIPE11-20-2015 UA DH Turkey Day wr R.PICHON11-23-2015 UA Helicopter  K.OLGA11-26-2015 UA DH Thanksgiving Flag Football wr R.PICHON12-05-2015 Under Armour Tottenham America's Cup K.Albrecht12-16-2015 UA welcomes Northeast Maglev Board of Directors wr E.LIMON12-18-2015 UA Holiday Party wr R.SHER12-18-2015 UA KP visits Call Center wr E.LIMON12-24-2015 UA Global HQ drive up wr+ M.SNYDER